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Patients and cancer research - a multidisciplinary day

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The Île-de-France Cancéropôle and the 4 Paris-area Sirics: Carpem, Curie, Curamus and Socrate are joining forces to organise a day on the subject of health democracy in cancer research 21st June 2019
Affiche journée démocratie sanitaire en recherche
21 Jun
Health democracy in research
Lieu : Institut Curie, Amphithéatre Constant Burg, 12 rue Lhomond, 75005, Paris
Organisateur : Cancéropôle Île-de-France and the 4 Paris-area Sirics: Carpem, Curie, Curamus and Socrate

The concept of health democracy in terms of care is well understood but its extension to the research domain is sometimes evoked without clearly defining the parameters. 

The objective of this interdisciplinary seminar is to try and reply to the following questions

  • Definition of health democracy (legal, historical)
  • Can it exist in cancer research?
  • How can we put it in place? (brakes, opportunities)

The programme is organized in four sections:

  1. definitions based on experience in the field of HIV and psychiatry in this area,
  2. the problem of data-sharing
  3. the places where patients are represented in research
  4. a final session on the implication of patients in cancer research

The day is multidisciplinary and will bring together legal experts, philosophers, sociologists, historians, bioinformaticians, doctors, patients and researchers. 

Click here to sign up (the day is in French)

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