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4th course of breast cancer: from the clinic to biology

SIRIC team
A course proposed by the Institut Curie training unit from 18th to 22nd June
Cours sur les Cancers du Sein

This course focuses on breast cancers from both a biological and a clinical perspective. It covered the biology of breast cancers in the context of pathology, diagnostics of the disease and treatments, ongoing medical trials as well as modalities of follow-up. A special focus emphasized recent data on basal-like and hereditary breast cancers, their new therapeutic strategies and the input of next generation sequencing in breast cancer biology.

Moreover, key recent findings on tumor micro-environment, long non-coding RNA, Notch signalling pathways and mammary development were described.

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Breast cancers

Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor in women with around 50 000 new cases diagnosed each year in France…

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