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Institut Curie’s SIRIC program re-endorsed for 2018 – 2022

Presentation of the SIRIC-Curie project
SIRIC laboratoire

Institut Curie's SIRIC program is among the 8 projects labelled SIRIC in 2018 by the French National Cancer Institute in partnership with INSERM and DGOS.

This label recognizes the quality of work carried out by all of the parties involved in the construction of the project but also the excellence of the results obtained by clinicians and researchers in the frame of the 1st SIRIC endorsement (2011-2017).

A program combatting resistance to anti-cancer therapies

The SIRIC-Curie 2018-2022 program will be focused on 3 pathologies for which Institut Curie is a reference center and for which therapeutic impasses remain:

  1. Breast cancers
    coordinated by Anne Vincent-Salomon and Philip Poortmans
  1. Pediatric cancers
    coordinated by  Gudrun Schleiermacher and Olivier Delattre
  1. Uveal melanoma
    coordinated by Sophie Piperno-Neumann and Marc-Henri Stern

This program, aiming to combat treatment-resistant diseases, will be based on results obtained during the 1st SIRIC endorsement and will integrate new themes (clonality and cell plasticity, impact of metabolism, integration of different omics aspects, sequencing and therapy combination...).

It will be firmly built with and for the patients through the participation of a committee of patient representatives at all levels of the project (governance, research program and dissemination).

SIRIC-Curie is gaining momentum to reach a stronger level of integration between research and care and thus improving the response to patients’ needs in the context of therapeutic resistance.

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Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor in women with around 50 000 new cases diagnosed each year in France…

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