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Mental charge and breast cancer: Anne Brédart analyzes the 13/10 survey

Interview with the researcher and SIRIC actor in the newspaper le Monde for Pink October

In 2020, the 13/10 collective* conducted a survey on the mental burden of the disease on patients with the support of Pfizer.

Anne Brédart, clinical psychologist and coordinator of the SIRIC's human and social sciences project, discusses the results of this survey in the newspaper Le Monde.

What to remember

Women with breast cancer have the right to feel fragile. Those around them and the health care staff should not force a 'fighting' attitude. The vulnerability and sadness that patients may feel should not be suppressed. Suppressing a patient's feelings will not improve her quality of life and well-being during her care. Quite the contrary.

Read the article in le Monde


*The 13/10 collective (for 13 October, international day of metastatic breast cancer) founded by 4 associations : Europa Donna FranceJuris SantéLife is Rose and Mon Réseau Cancer du Sein mobilize to amplify the voice of people confronted with metastatic breast cancer. This objective particularly resonates with those of the SIRIC which has a research program dedicated to resistant breast cancers. 


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