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Metastatic breast cancer : frequently asked questions

What are the origins of the disease? How does it evolve? What are the treatment options and their objectives? What are the new approaches? What clinical trials are underway? ... Medical professionals reply to all your questions.
FAQ Cancer du sein métastatique

In 2019, for world metastatic breast cancer day, SIRIC Curie launched a questionnaire to find out what information patients suffering from the disease and their families were looking for. In collaboration with our patient representative committee, clinicians and researchers, we tried to reply to these concerns during a meeting uniting patients, doctors and reserachers. 

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020 we are going back over these questions and the answers presented at Institut Curie last year. Click on the links to watch the presentations. 

Metastatic disease

Paul Cottu

What are the origins of the disease? How does it evolve? 

Paul Cottu, Deputy Head of the Medical Oncology Department and Head of the Adult Chemotherapy Day Hospital at Institut Curie, presented the particularities of metastatic disease.

He evokes differences between localized breast cancer and advanced breast cancer, disease detection, its heterogeneous nature and evolution.

Find out more (Video in French)

Treatment and clinical care

Florence Lerebours

What are the treatments and their objectives? How do they work? 

Florence Lerebours is specialized in onco-senology.

In this presentation, Dr Lerebours details the path from the initial assessment to the duration and effectiveness of the treatments. She covers the local treatment of metastases and supportive care. She emphasizes that clinicians rely on international recommendations based on levels of evidence.

Find out more (Video in French)

Clinical research

Marie-Paule Sablin

What are the new approaches? Immunotherapy and metastatic disease? 

Marie-Paule Sablin is an oncologist at Institut Curie. 

For the 2019 patient day, Dr Sablin presented clinical trial results and advances in chemotherapy, targeted therapies, immunotherapy and other therapy options. She also listed the ongoing trials at Institut Curie. 

Find out more (Video in French)

Basic and applied research

There were 3 presentations on research : 

  1. Jean-Yves Pierga presented circulating disease and the possibility of a blood test to track cancer and adapt treatment (watch)
  2. Sergio Roman Roman explained patient derived xenografts (PDXs) : how these models could be used to personalize the treatment strategy as well as the limits of this technique. (watch)
  3. Alain Livartowski detailed the power of clinical and biological data and their potential future impact on research (watch)
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