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Reacting quickly to support innovative projects is a SIRIC objective to encourage translational research and develop a multidisciplinary culture at the heart of the Institute
Affiche appel à projets SIRIC 2019

8 emerging projects selected by an external jury

An internal call for projects launched in 2019 allowed us to identify and to support multiple projects aiming at solving the question of treatment resistance in flagship SIRIC themes

Breast cancers

  • Target_RF: To uncover new therapeutic targets for PARPi- resistant BRCA1/2-mutated breast tumors , Raphaël Ceccaldi
  • STROMArx: Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Single-Cell Level Predictors of Resistance to Neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy, Emanuela Romano
  • FRECTIC: Heterogeneity of chromatin states in triplenegative
    breast cancer and resistance to chemotherapy: going for frozen samples, Céline Vallot
  • TransNEOPAL: Translational analysis of the multicenter, prospective NEOPAL study, Paul Cottu
  • PalboBreast: Models and mechanisms of palbociclib resistance in metastatic breast cancer, Elisabetta Marangoni & Ivan Bièche

Pediatric cancers

  • PDXSCREEN: Use of genetic screening in PDX to determine drug response, Raphaël Margueron
  • OPRAG: Overcoming Paediatric tumour Radioresistance by using ATRX-loss / G-quadruplexes-ligands synthetic lethality, Pierre Verrelle & Frédérique Megnin-Chanet

Uveal melanoma

  • UMSF3B1, New targets for immunotherapy in uveal melanoma, Olivier Lantz

The role of patient representatives

All of the projects were submitted to the SIRIC committee of patient representatives. This evaluation process was an opportunity to discuss the implication of patient representatives in the evaluation of scientific projects, from basic research to clinical research, and brings us to revise our procedure. 

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