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1st day Inter-SIRIC HSS 2022

Equipe SIRIC
Every French SIRIC did gather for the first Inter SIRIC day in Human and Social Sciences

The 10th February 2022, SIRIC CURAMUS has invited every French SIRIC for the first day Inter-SIRIC in France in Human and Social Sciences under the aegis of National Institute of Cancer.

The conference had two main themes: the patient in the core of care et the continuum of care.


Session 1 – 9 :00 – 12 :30 | The patient in the core of care

  • A. Development of sanitary democracy

SIRIC BRIO - Professionalisation of "expert" patients in cancerology: the issue of a new working experience

SIRIC CARPEM - Creation of an experience patient group aiming to emphasize experience sharing

SIRIC CURAMUS - Patients/parents online communities

  • B. Development of personalised medecine

SIRIC LYRICAN – Prescribe genomic medecine

SIRIC CURAMUS – Damoclès trials

  • C. Communication and emotions

SIRIC ILIAD – Emotional skills in professionals which accompany cancer

SIRIC CURAMUS – Medical team and emotions

SIRIC CARPEM – Anthropological survey on patients motivations and brakes to share their data and samplings for the need of research

SIRIC CURIE – Communication between patients and doctors in cases of treatment resistance


Session 2 – 14 :00 – 17 :00 | The continuum of care

  • 1. Access to innovation

SIRIS SOCRATE – Addressing doctor's role in early trials in cancerology

SIRIC MONTPELLIER – An innovative care support platform as an integrative tool in HSS

  • 2. Care outside the hospital

SIRIC MONTPELLIER – Support care vs. Alternative medecine

SIRIC CURAMUS – The right to oblivion

SIRIC MONTPELLIER – Primary prevention and intervention research


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