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Metastatic breast cancer : review of the day

SIRIC team
A resume of key points, videos and resources for further reading
Journée cancer du sein métastatique et recherche - présentation

What did we learn?

The presentations on the day gave a complete panorama of the disease from care to research. 

We retained 4 key points

  1. Each patient journey is unique from diagnosis to care 
  2. Getting reliable information on treatment, duration and perspectives isn't always easy for patients 
  3. Patient - doctor communication is key, it's important to look after this dialogue to facilitate access to information 
  4. A better understanding of short-term research perspectives is important for patients

In response to these concerns and in particular the need for reliable information we propose two tools: 

Access to videos of the presentations

You couldn't attend the day? Watch all of the presentations by doctors and researchers.

Watch the broadcast of the day (in French)

Resources for further reading

To complete the video presentations we wanted to propose a compilation of different sources of reliable information that address some of the questions raised. 

We point out that these are third-party sites over which we have no control. The content of the pages could be modified since the publication of this document (November 2019). 

Consult the resource compilation

The preparation questionnaire – patient expectations

In order to better prepare our meeting "Metastatic breast cancer and research" of October 14, 2019 we sent you a questionnaire over the course of the summer.

Here are the main points that we retained:

Retours au questionnaire pour la journée du 14/10
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