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Metastatic breast cancer : "treize engagée" day

A new collaboration between the health democracy group and the 13/10 collective
Affiche de la journée Treize engagée 2021

October 13 is International Metastatic Breast Cancer Day: a term that means that the tumour cells have spread to other parts of the body. 

To date, there is no treatment that can permanently eradicate the disease once it has migrated. The therapeutic approaches deployed aim to contain the disease and improve the quality of life of patients. The treatments are therefore continuous or almost continuous, and can last for years. 

The SIRIC's actors are particularly mobilised before metastatic disease. In research to improve treatments, but also on aspects of health democracy.

A look back at past actions and prospects for 2021: 

2019 - SIRIC-Curie and the 13/10 collective initiative the 1st metastatic breast cancer day in France

The SIRIC's health democracy group, under the impetus of its patient representatives and the inter-associative collective 13/10, wanted to open a new space for dialogue between the different communities of patients, clinicians and researchers by proposing a day of exchange dedicated to metastatic breast cancer on the occasion of the international day of the disease.

Le groupe de démocratie en santé du SIRIC, sous l’impulsion de ses représentants de patients et du collectif inter associatif 13/10, a souhaité ouvrir un nouvel espace de dialogue entre les différentes communautés de patientes, cliniciens et chercheurs en proposant une journée d’échanges dédiée au cancer du sein métastatique à l'occasion de la journée mondiale de la pathologie.

To find out more about metastatic breast cancers: rewatch the 2019 day

2020 - the teams mobilize to offer a new care pathway adapted to metastatic disease

Despite the impossibility of organising a meeting in 2020, discussions following the 2019 event did not slowed down. In 2020, the 13/10 collective conducted a survey on the mental burden of the disease on patients with the support of Pfizer.

Based on the results of this questionnaire, Institut Curie, in partnership with Pfizer and Mon réseau cancer du sein (a member association of the 13/10 collective), developed the PACOSME project: Parcours d'annonce et de coordination " sein métastatique " (metastatic breast announcement and coordination pathway) coordinated by Drs Paul Cottu and Pauline Vaflard, oncologists at Institut Curie. What is the objective? To offer a personalized and optimal pathway for patients with metastatic breast cancer. 

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2021 - SIRIC actors mobilize once again to present the latest research news

This year, the 13/10 collective organized a day of workshops and videoconferences dedicated to people affected by metastatic breast cancer and their carers. To better meet expectations, the whole day has been organised by type of pathology, to avoid patients listening to presentations that do not correspond to their disease.


Presentations of SIRIC actors are marked with a *

Workshop 1: Meditation for the day - Laurent LAMURE

Workshop 2 : MBC, new choices : arbitrate and sometimes give up - Thierry CALVAT

Workshop 3 : Food-nutrition and MBC - pending confirmation

Lecture 1: Innovations in metastatic HER2+ cancers - François-Clément BIDARD

Workshop 4: Law and insurance: points of vigilance - Dominique THIRRY

Workshop 5 : Job retention or return to work? Invalidity? Disability? What are the issues, what solutions? - Dominique THIRRY, Tiffany GLAUDIO

Workshop 6 : Stress and emotions: how to manage them? - Tiffany GLAUDIO, Laurent LAMURE

Workshop 7 : The new MBC dedicated proposals - Gisèle LERCH, Valérie LAUGEL, Aurélie de La MOTTE ROUGE, Claude COUTIER, Widad KHIDER

Lecture 2: When the stakes of a genetic test are therapeutic and familial - Dominique STOPPA LYONNET*

Workshop 8: A funny idea or a new freedom? Thinking about the end while we are still alive? -Sarah DUMONT

Workshop 9 : Breathing, Do In, Yoga : exercises to discover them - Laurent LAMURE

Workshop 10 : Being close to a MBC patient: how to live this role for her, for oneself? - Thierry CALVAT

Workshop 11 : Why and how to adapt your physical activity? - Olivier LAPLANCHE, Guillaume RENAUD

Lecture 3 : Metastatic triple-negative breast cancers: much awaited therapeutic innovations - Delphine LOIRAT*

Workshop 12 : Which support care to live better with the disease? - Ivan KRAKOWSKI

Lecture 4 : Innovations in hormone-dependent breast cancer - Paul COTTU*

Workshop 13: Metastatic breast cancer: intimacy, sexuality: what solutions? - Catherine ADLER-TAL, Michel MOULY

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