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SIRIC workshop

Equipe SIRIC
SIRIC actors gathered at the end of November to exchange about their research projects
Sergio Roman Roman présente le SIRIC en novembre 2018

Clinicians and researchers from the 3 SIRIC scientific programs presented their work and discussed their results during this institutional meeting. The humanities and social science and health democracy projects were also detailed.



Introduction – Sergio Roman Roman

  • New epigenetic biomarkers in breast cancer - Céline Vallot
  • Link between the tumor suppressor BAP1 and the Polycomb machinery - Raphaël Margueron
  • HECTOR: Help to Communicate when Treatment Resistance Occurs - Léonore Robieux
  • Characterization of genetic heterogeneity in uveal melanoma - Marc-Henri Stern
     EWSR1-FLI1: therapeutic target in Ewing sarcoma - Karine Laud
  • Health democracy - Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet
  • GATA3, a key transcriptional factor governing the noradrenergic neuroblastoma identity - Agathe Peltier

Conclusion – Sergio Roman Roman

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