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Uveal melanoma day : 4th edition

SIRIC team
A new opportunity for patients, doctors and researchers to exchange in 2022
Image affiche Journée mélanome uvéal 2022

Manuel Rodrigues is bringing together the uveal melanoma community (ophthalmologists, surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, researchers, etc.) for the 4th consecutive year at Institut Curie on 7 January 2022. This year, the day will be held simultaneously online and on site at Institut Curie. You will be able to connect to the live broadcast from home or participate in person.

The objective of the day is to:

  1. inform you about uveal melanoma
  2. present the results of the latest clinical trials
  3. show the results of our research work
  4. show you how your biological samples and your generosity are helping to advance research.

The creation of spaces for dialogue between patients, doctors and researchers is a crucial step in the health democracy of research and care. Through these meeting days, we also want to give you a voice in order to better understand your expectations and, if possible, adapt research and care.

LRegistrations for the 4th uveal melanoma day are free but obligatory including for an online participation - sign up!


  • Welcome
    Dr Manuel Rodrigues
  • Uveal melanoma, why me? Genetics of BAP1 and MBD4 syndromes
    Dr Chrystelle Colas
  • Uveal melanoma, why me? Genetics of "low risk"
    Dr Marc-Henri Stern
  • Ocular treatment of uveal melanoma
    Dr Denis Malaise
  • Clinical trials: what is a clinical trial ?
    Dr Alexandre de Moura
  • Clinical trials: results of recent trials of which ésultats tebentafusp and future trials
    Dr Sophie Piperno-Neumann
  • Human and social sciences: improve communication and quality of life
    Aude Rault
  • A patient association. Why ? How ?
  • Conclusion
    Dr Manuel Rodrigues


To help us prepare for the day we have set up an anonymous questionnaire. Your answers will help us even if you do not want to or cannot participate in the day. We thank you in advance for your time (please allow about 5 minutes)!

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