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Uveal melanoma day online: 3rd edition

SIRIC team
Manuel Rodrigues renews the mobilization of clinical and research teams to reply to questions from the community
Journée mélanome uvéal 2020

Patients, donators, doctors and researchers will come together for the 3rd consecutive year around the most common eye cancer in adults. For the first time the conference will be held online, you will be able to watch from your own home! 

The objectives are to (i) inform you about uveal melanome (ii) present the results of the latest clinical trials (iii) show the results of our research (iv) show you how your biological samples and generosity help move research forward


  • Local treatment of uveal melanomas
  • What to know about eye prosthesis
  • Ophtalmological management of protontherapy sequelae
  • Understanding the biology of uveal melanoma for new treatments
  • Past and future clinical trials
  • Application of artificial intelligent from diagnosis of uveal melanoma
  • Exploring exceptional cases to understand the disease
  • A patient association. Why? How?

Register! (Registration is free but obligatory)

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