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Uveal melanoma: feeding back to patients

SIRIC team
The 1st day of clinician – research – patient exchanges organized by Manuel Rodrigues in the frame of the health democracy SIRIC program
Affiche demi-journée mélanome uvéal 2018

Meeting objectives

The uveal melanoma team (ophthalmologists, surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, researchers…) mobilized 9 November 2018 to:

  • Take stock of the results of the latest clinical trials
  • Present the results of research conducted at Institut Curie
  • Show the impact of sample donations on research progress
  • Answer questions from patients


  • Welcome and introduction – Manuel Rodrigues
  • Evolution of local treatment of uveal melanoma – Nathalie Cassoux
  • Interest of IRM follow-up – Pascal Mariani
  • Circulating tumor DNA. What is it? What are we hoping for? – Marc-Henri Stern
  • Preclinic. What is it? What are we hoping for? – Didier Decaudin
  • What have we learnt from clinical trials? – Sophie Piperno-Neumann
  • Why create an association of patients? - Franck Artzner, Gilliosa Spurrier-Bernard
  • Closing – Manuel Rodrigues
  • Informal discussions
des participants ont changé leur perception de la recherche suite aux présentations
serait intéressés pour participer à la construction de projets de recherche

Réaction des participants

L'ensemble de la présentation a couvert mes questionnements et au-delà

Statistiques et citation extraites du questionnaire de satisfaction.


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