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Workshop SIRIC 2022

Equipe SIRIC
SIRIC actors gathered the 16th February 2022 to discuss the latest results of research projects from the label
workshop siric

The 16th of February 2022, discussions on the SIRIC programs have taken place. We looked back on this INCa label, the national SIRIC network as well as Institut Curie's program. We have highlighted scientific results from the research projects which are currently being transferred to the clinic. We will also touch on the structuring actions that were made possible thanks to the label and finally we did discuss the SIRIC3 call which will be launched next April. 

The program

  • General presentation of the SIRIC Elisabeth Hess / Sergio Roman Roman
  • Pediatrics program Gudrun Schleiermacher / Olivier Delattre
  • New therapeutic opportunities for rhabdoid tumors Franck Bourdeaut
  • Uveal melanoma program Marc-Henri Stern / Sophie Piperno-Neumann
  • SF3B1, public neoepitopes and anti-tumoral immunosurveillance Olivier Lantz
  • Communication and quality of life in the context of treatment resistance Anne Brédart, Sylvie Dolbeault, Sophie Piperno-Neumann
  • Health democracy within the SIRIC Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet
  • Breast cancer program Anne Vincent-Salomon / Francois-Clement Bidard
  • New therapeutic approaches for metastatic breast cancers Elisabetta Marangoni
  • SIRIC3 discussion
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