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Fibroblast heterogeneity and immunosuppressive environment in breast cancer

Towards a new therapeutic strategy targeting the tumor microenvironment
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Carcinoma-associated fibroblasts (CAF) are key players in tumor microenvironment. They are recognized as being heterogeneous and have also recently been linked to the immunosuppression phenomenon however without identification of any mechanism. The absence of precise markers to characterize CAFs had complicated their study prior to this 2018 paper.  

The identification of 4 distinct CAF subtypes by Fatima Mechta Grigoriou’s team was a significant step forward. Thanks to these results the team was able to show how a CAF subtype, CAF S1, promotes immunosuppression by a multistep mechanism involving different molecules at each stage.

In conclusion this study suggests that CAF S1 enriched tumors may develop resistance to immunotherapies. The CAF S1 molecules identified here could therefore be targeted and lead to new therapeutic approaches for CAF S1 enriched tumors.

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