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SIRIC network: BRIO Bright Days

An annual day in Bordeaux to present the latest scientific and medical advances and the specificities of Bordeaux in terms of clinical, translational and fundamental research, epidemiology, public health and human and social sciences.
BRIO Bright Days affiche

The Bordeaux SIRIC, BRIO, is organizing the "Bright Days" on 23 and 24 March at the Palais de la Bourse in Bordeaux. 

This year, many topics of interest will be tackled such as the link between environment and cancer, the management of rare cancers (sarcomas, brain cancers, certain lung cancers), the value of treatment for early stages, immuno CAR T cell monitoring, the interest of circulating biomarkers...

Many local and national speakers will come to contribute to the multidisciplinary  reflection. A session dedicated to patient involvement in research is planned.

Gudrun Schleiermacher, coordinator of the pediatric cancer program at SIRIC-Curie presents "Liquid biopsies and biomarkers in pediatric oncology". 

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