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Webinar series in September and Octobre 2021
BRIO Bright Series 2021

The Bordeaux SIRIC (BRIO)'s Bright Series with BRIO made up 3 mini-series of events highlighting advances in cancer research was broadcasted online in 2021. 

  1. Converging views - 5 one-hour symposia broadcast live. Each webinar features a clinician and a researcher on a specific topic: 
    - « New combinations in first-line metastatic kidney cancer: how to choose? »
    - « Metastatic non-small cell lung cancer with oncogenic addiction: focus on molecular screening and therapies » 
    - « News and issues in the management of gynaecological cancers »
  2. Patient stories - highlights the clinical history of patients and therapeutic innovations in 3 cancers (glioblastomas, colorectal cancers and kidney cancers).
    Episode 1 : Diagnosis
    Episode 2 : Treatments of today and tomorrow
    Episode 3 : Understand to better treat
  3. Tech for onco dedicated to technological innovations and their application to cancer research. Each session presented two technologies of interest to the community, with an engineer presenting the technology and a researcher using it.

The webinars are free and were broadcast live. They are mainly intended for health and research professionals, but are open to anyone who is interested.

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