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The Bordeaux SIRIC organized a webinar series in June 2021
BRIO_images et cancer

In June, BRIO, the Bordeaux SIRIC, organized a 3 episode mini-series  "Images and cancer : a serial investigation" for patients, families, the general public and interested professionals. 

Through Pat's journey, a patient (almost) like the others, 3 themes were explored : 

  1. Episode 1 "The proof is in the pudding": Follow Pat in his cancer detection journey through different imaging tests (scanner, MRI, ultrasound...). The role of the radiologist, the differences between imaging techniques, the patient's feelings, current research (in particular thanks to mathematics and artificial intelligence) and future prospects were discussed by the speakers during the round table.
  2. Episode 2 "The image unmasked": Pat hands over his tumour to the pathology department, which will produce and analyse the images of the sample under the microscope by the anatomo-cytopathologists. During the round table discussion, the speakers explained how a tumour is characterised, according to what criteria, and what this will mean for the management of the patient.
  3. Episode 3 "Moving Images": Pat reflects on how he feels about living with cancer and how to accept himself today. Then, during the round table discussion, the speakers described the different after-effects of the disease and the treatments, and the ways in which patients can better accept themselves during and after treatment.

Watch the webinars: 

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