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Pediatric cancers and research : round table

SIRIC team
Discussions on childhood cancer with research stakeholders and associations
Un patient pédiatrique à l'Institut Curie

For International Childhood Cancer Day Institut Curie organized 2 round tables adressing care and research 12th February 2021 in order to reply to questions from families of children living with cancer and to give the floor to associations. 

Importance of research and clinical trials

SIRIC stakeholders Olivier Delattre, Gudrun Schleiermacher, Franck Bourdeaut and François Doz mobilized on questions about:

  • Clinical trials : what are they, what are the different phases, how to acess new molecules
  • Organisation of research at both a Européen and an international level
  • The role of a network for translational and clinical aspects
  • Research directions in onco-pediatrics and new tools

The associations Imagine for Margo, Hubert Gouin « Enfance & Cancer » andLes Bagouz à Manon also participated

I think we're in a pretty amazing time [...] because the work that has been underlined by multiple speakers today is beginning to mature which means that fundamental research results are now arriving at the bedside. There's still a lot of work to do but I would say that there are pathways that have been established over the last few years that are exciting for these treatments. 

Olivier Delattre

Creation of dialogue spaces for patients, clinicians and researchers

The round table facilitated the spreading of information and connection between patients, clinicians and researchers. These are important steps towards the promotion of individual and collective rights which is part of the health democracy process. 

Stéphanie Dogniaux, member of the SIRIC health democracy committee, participed in the care-based round table as a representative of the association Les Enfants de Curie

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