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Aggressive breast cancer models: new tools to test innovative therapeutic approaches
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Studying new therapeutic approaches on aggressive breast cancer models

Elisabetta Marangoni, Ivan Bièche, Fabien Reyal, Paul Cottu

Background: Institut Curie has developed a unique collection of xenograft models (human tumors transplanted onto mice) established using residual triple negative breast cancers collected after neo-adjuvant chemotherapy and from biopsies of bone metastases from luminal B tumors.

Triple negative models reproduce the response to treatment observed in patients in adjuvant and metastatic conditions and are predictive of the treatment response in the metastatic phase. They’ve allowed us to show that Capecitabine was efficient on 60% of tested patient derived xenografts (PDXs).

Hypothesis: PDX models are a unique tool to:

  • Determine an optimal therapeutic sequence and/or identify efficient therapeutic combinations
  • Highlight new predictive biomarkers of treatment response


  • Test different therapeutic combinations/sequences on these models
  • Carry out a complete molecular analysis of models in order to identify new biomarkers
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