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New therapeutic options to counteract resistance to chemotherapies and targeted therapies

Preclinical studies using resistant or metastatic breast cancer models
Coupe histologique d’un cancer du sein triple négatif (TNBC)

Recent progress

The teams in the preclinical investigation laboratory have developed panels of models derived from resistant tumors and metastases. In particular some models established from persistent residual disease after surgery predict the tumor response to the first line of treatment in a metastatic situation. This unique collection allows us to envisage functional studies with the objective of identifying new therapeutic approaches.

Functional studies

For the SIRIC program we wish to study 3 complementary approaches. The first consists of testing new therapeutic sequences or combination therapies in triple negative breast cancer models or in bone metastases models. The second aims to study genetic and epigenetic plasticity in the case of triple negative or luminal B resistant cancers. Finally, the third approach is based on the notion of cancer stem cell and aims to study the role of iron within these cells which are potentially responsible for resistance to treatment.

  1. Evaluation of new sequences and combination therapies
  2. Genetic and epigenetic plasticity and resistance mechanisms
  3. Epithelial-mesenchymal transition and iron metabolism
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