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Are you a patient or a patient relative? Find out more about the SIRIC program and health democracy
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Patients are at the heart of the SIRIC program. You will find a recap of the all of the SIRIC actions conducted with our committee of patient representatives in the frame of the health democracy program. 

Health democracy

In order to develop public debate and integrate patients into research, a committee of patient representatives was established. 

Our patient committee is made up of 5 people with different skills from their association, professional or personal experiences. 

The committe has a dual objective:

  1. Guarantee the establishment of the health democracy project via the SIRIC
  2. Become full stakeholders of the SIRIC project: make suggetsions (research axes, priorities), give enlightened advice on strategic decisions and transmit information to patients and vice-versa. 

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Meeting days

The creation of a dialogue space between patients, clinicians and researchers is a step towards the improved participation of health stakeholders. 

We organized meetings on uveal melanoma and metastatic brest cancer in the frame of SIRIC and health democracy. 

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Some useful links to find out more about clinical trial databases. 

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