Integrated Cancer Research Site


SIRIC team
Institut Curie has a large panel of technological platforms and tools or structures for the development of research projects. These essential structures are accessible to our clinicians and researchers but can also be open to collaborations.
Laboratoire biomarqueurs circulants Institut Curie

Biobank / biological material / tissue analysis

Molecular analysis platforms

Proteomic and antibody platforms

Clinical and epidemiological data

  • Management of Clinical Trials Unit (UGEC) 
  • Databases
  • Genetic and Epidemiological Platform (PIGE) 
  • Biostatistics
  • Bioinformatics Platform
  • Integrative IT

Chemical library Platform

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Structuring actions

SIRICs play a structuring role to develop the care-research continuum within their structure. The SIRIC budget is not…