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Some useful links to find out more on breast cancers, pediatric cancers and uveal melanoma which are the key SIRIC themes

General informations

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The educational files of the Institut Curie provide an overview of the disease by presenting the risk factors, symptoms, treatments and also current research on the subject : Breast cancers | Pediatric cancers | Uveal melanoma

The different types of cancer require different treatments. The necessary information is available on the Institut Curie website: Breast cancers | Pediatric cancers | Uveal melanoma



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The Institut National du Cancer offers patient guides on breast cancers and pediatric cancers.



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The Ligue contre le Cancer offers an information brochure on breast cancer with the aim of providing key information to better understand the disease.

Informations on childhood and adolescent cancers is available on their website.



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   Europa Donna France association offers an information brochure on metastatic breast   cancer.





The glossary of the Fondation pour la recherche contre le cancer ARC lists the vocabulary associated to cancer.



Curi(e)osité : This podcast produced by Institut Curie shares the words of researchers, doctors and patients on the fight against cancer. This podcast allows you to immerse yourself in the universe of the hospital and the laboratories of the Institute, to learn and understand the medical and scientific universe.


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François Doz, pediatric oncologist from the Institut Curie, speaks in the program La Méthode scientifique on France Culture on "therapeutic escape: when cancers resist".


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Find all the video of the Institut Curie on youtube