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SIRIC2011: an impact on the translational research trajectory

SIRIC team
The SIRIC2011 program, directed by Olivier Delattre, implemented numerous structuring actions, which allowed a qualitative and quantitative leap with concrete clinical results.
Résultats du programme SIRIC2011

Development of transverse platforms and key organizations

  • Establishment of a new consent form for non-interventional research studies
    The ELSA group (Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects), headed by Dominique Stoppa Lyonnet, reflected on problems linked to the application of biotechnological advances which resulted in the establishment of a new consent form for non-interventional studies and an information booklet. Find out more


  • Setting up a « data team » : starting point for the creation of a Data Department
    Linked with the ICGex project (ANR Future Investments, Institut Curie Genomic Equipment funding) Alain Livartowski, oncologist, and Julien Guérin, IT project manager constructed the foundations of an innovative and permanently evolving service offer that, today, enables improved use of data from the institutional IT system. This initial work led Institut Curie to put a Data Department, headed by Xosé Fernandez, in place in 2016 . Find out more (page in French)
  • Development of experimental pathology
    The platform was created in 2010 to provide the expertise necessary for cytological and histological analyses. With SIRIC’s support, the platform experienced a steady growth in activity. Find out more


  • Next generation sequencing platform
    Sequencing being key for numerous SIRIC projects, a state of the art platform was set up in collaboration with the ICGex project. The platform adapts to users’ needsFind out more
    • Thanks to these technologies, Institut Curie pioneered large-scale data sequencing with the publication of the 1st randomized personalized medicine phase II clinical trial in the world: SHIVA led by Prof Christophe Le Tourneau. Find out more (page in French)


  • Genetic and epidemiologic investigation platform (PIGE)
    The PIGE platform takes part in the elaboration of protocols and is in charge of legal administrative processes with the Patient Protection Committee (CPP) and the National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL). They also develop databases and data input interfaces as well as programs to verify data coherence and carry out studies and follow-up reports.


  • Leverage effect on the creation of an immunotherapy centere
    Identification of expertise in clinical and translational research in the frame of the SIRIC program facilitated the creation of an immunotherapy center at the heart of the Hospital Complex. SIRIC's role in the recruitment of a new translational research team and our support of Emanuela Romano, oncologist, were particularly important. Find out more


Support of emergence

  • Creation of 5 new translational research teams
    We initiated the development of new translational reserch teams to constitute a « care-research communication, information, and expertise transfer hub » integrating different SIRIC programs and putting translational research at the forefront. Find out more
    • The work of the teams had already had an impact on clinical practice at the end of the 1st SIRIC label Find out more

Nouvelles équipes de recherche translationnelle - SIRIC2011


  • Support of emerging groups
    Further to the new translational research teams, SIRIC also supported groupes on two key themes for our institute : uveal melanoma and circulating biomarkers.

Groupes émergents SIRIC2011
  • Support of innovative research projects
    Annual, internal tenders, evaluated by external reviewers, led to the support of 12 projects in the frame of the integrated research programs.

Dissemination and training

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publications in the frame of SIRIC deliverables

SIRIC2011 contributed to the establishment of robust infrastructures doted with innovative technologies such as the next generation sequencing platform, the experimental pathology platform, the CRISPR/Cas9 technique, single cell… 


Impact for patients

  • Transfert à la clinique:
    • Progress on biomarkers (circulating biomarkers, immunological tumor characterization, improved patient care for hereditary cancers...)
    • 1st randomized clinical trial evaluating a personalized approach (SHIVA)
    • Pluridisciplinary molecular consultations become routine as early as 2014
    • SIRIC teams took part in multiple innovative trials such as SAFIR02 and MAPPYACTS. The latter had an impact on first line treatment strategy for neuroblastoma with the ALK inhibitor Lorlatinib.
    • Based on acquired expertise in high generation sequencing, participation in the creation of the SeqOIA platform, rendering sequencing accessible in routine treatment for all patients in France.
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