Integrated Cancer Research Site

Structuring actions

SIRICs play a structuring role to develop the care-research continuum within their structure.
The SIRIC budget is not intended to fund all of the costs of SIRIC projects. It’s an addition to other budget sources and has an important leverage effect. In allowing us to fund key posts or essential missing structures it benefits all teams well beyond the remit of SIRIC projects and accelerates the development of integrated cancer research at the heart of Institut Curie.

Support of integrated research programs

Mutualized key posts: an essential element of integration

The SIRIC budget supports scientific projects via mutualized key posts. These posts are essential for inter-program integration. The posts are engineers, managers, clinical research assistants or post-doctoral researchers.


We also fund part of the programs via a laboratory functioning budget.

Technological and transverse structures for the programs

The platforms at Institut Curie are essential for the development of SIRIC research programs but are also at the heart of translational research. SIRIC funding also benefits a large number of teams far beyond the SIRIC scientific program. SIRIC support is materialized by funding manager or engineer positions within these platforms or structures (e.g. space omics, immunopeptidomics, organoids, sample access, digital pathology, artificial intelligence and machine learning projects...)

logo Curie Core Tech

Further, SIRIC Curie teams can benefit from infrastructures and technological platforms at Institut Curie. A large panel of technological platforms and tools or structures for developing research projects is available within the CurieCoreTech network. These essential structures are accessible to our clinicians and researchers but can also be open to collaborations. 

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Support of health democracy development

We have a significant budget to set up a health democracy project which will cover communication but also travel or invitation of experts in the sphere of health democracy. We also have a human resources budget to establish new research projects.

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