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Translational research teams

SIRIC team
5 teams and 2 emerging groups funded during the 1st SIRIC endorsement
Un laboratoire au Centre de Recherche de l'Institut Curie

All of the SIRIC teams are located at the heart of the translational research department in the hospital. They benefit from the proximity to the expertise of the translational research department, the Research Centre, the platforms and biological resources and the patents and industrial partnerships department.

SIRIC teams

During the first SIRIC endorsement 3 international calls were published in 2013, 2014 and 2015 for the endorsement of new translational research teams.

These mature teams labelled SIRIC “new translational research teams” address significant biomedical questions. They are headed by physician-researchers or researchers with a strong foundation in clinical research. The teams were identified with an international call and selected after an audition by the SIRIC-Curie scientific advisory board. The creation of these teams is supported by a starting grant for five years

Emerging teams

Emerging teams develop themes which fall within one of SIRIC programs. They gather a certain number of researchers and physicians around an important biomedical question. SIRIC contributes support in the form of the funding of a key PI or post-doctoral position whose aim is to structure the project. Recruitment is carried out by an international call. Emerging teams are systematically interviewed by the international scientific advisory board