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Democracy in health

Making the voices of patients and loved ones heard in cancer research
main levée - démocratie sanitaire

Health democracy is “an approach which aims to involve all stakeholders in the health system in the development and implementation of health policy, in a spirit of dialogue and consultation” . This definition given by the ARS (Regional Health Agencies) is based on the need to keep the public debate alive, to promote the rights and information of patients, relatives and users and to strengthen their participation.

The development of democracy in health is one of the missions of SIRIC. To tackle this task, a Health Democracy committee was created within SIRIC Curie. Led by Professor Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet, it includes a group of four representatives of relatives and patients. The objective of this committee is to implement concrete actions, within the framework of the SIRIC scientific program and more generally cancer research, benefiting patients and their loved ones.