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Institut Curie, recognized as a foundation of public interest in 1921, has been working on three missions: research, care, and the conservation and transmission of knowledge since its creation by Marie Curie.
Façade bâtiment Institut Curie

A hospital complex dedicated to cancer care

  • General cancer care
  • Significant recruitment on multiple tumor types:
    • Breast and gynecological cancers
    • Pediatric tumors
    • Eye cancers
    • Many other cancers are also treated at Institut Curie (consult the full list)
  • State of the art surgery in particular:
    • Expertise in breast surgery
    • Mastery of all surgical pathways in the gynecological sphere
  • A rich technical platform
  • 56 510 patients (11 591 new patients in 2019)
  • 223 ongoing clinical studies including 2 113 patients of which 23 promoted by Curie

One of the biggest European cancer research centers

  • 86 research teams
  • An exceptional range of scientific disciplines grouped into 4 domains:
    • Biology and chemistry of radiation, cell signalling and cancer
    • Development, cancer, genetics and epigenetics
    • Integrative tumour biology, immunology and environment
    • Multi-scale physics-biology-chemistry (molecules, cells, tissues and organisms)
  • An historic multidisciplinary culture
  • 24 ERCs underway

Researchers are free to decide the research topics they wish to study.

Biomedical research, nourished by the wealth of this basic research and interdisciplinarity, permeate throughout the Institute.

Preserve and transmit knowledge

  • 628 students (masters and PhD), young researchers and hospital interns welcomed to the Research Centre and Hospital Group
  • An international doctoral program based on the research of the units
  • High quality courses in cooperation with partner universities
  • Generic courses on the implementation of cutting edge technology developed on the platforms
  • Mayent Rothschild grants (sabbaticals)
  • A process of accompaniment and career development for junior team leaders (training and mentorship…)

Figures taken from the 2019 Institut Curie annual report

Labels and distinctions at Institut Curie

- European label of excellence “Comprehensive Cancer Center” from the OECI

- Curie Cancer, Institut Carnot label

- PSL* Research University

- DRCI Delegation to clinical research and innovation

- CLIP2, Early clinical trial centre

- Clinical research centre

- INCa platforms: Somatic Genetic, Data Treatment Centre, …