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A word from Sergio Roman Roman SIRIC director

2nd mandate for the head of the translational research department at Institut Curie
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The Institut Curie (IC) combines a Research Center and a Hospital Complex dedicated to cancer care. Our ambition, as a world-class integrated research site, is to link multidisciplinary research and cutting-edge cancer medicine. Previous SIRIC labels have played a key role in the integration of scientific and clinical activities with a clear impact for patients in the clinic.

For this new SIRIC, we want to amplify this impact. In response to a request from the SIRIC patient representative group, we are focusing our efforts on understanding relapse/recurrence for different types of cancers. Our objective is to identify, validate and implement innovative ways of preventing, predicting, detecting and treating relapse.

To build an ambitious but realistic program, we evaluated the IC's resources and expertise in fundamental and translational research, infrastructure and medicine to identify research themes for which we have the necessary strengths to obtain significant results and transfer them to the clinic. We have encouraged multidisciplinary approaches that integrate biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, clinicians and patients. We have defined 3 programs addressing relapse at the cellular, tissue and organism level. The first concerns the intrinsic mechanisms of relapse with a focus on the epigenetic determinants of resistance/relapse. The 2nd addresses the extrinsic mechanisms of relapse by studying the tumor microenvironment and its dialogue with cancer cells. The 3rd aims to combat relapse with an emphasis on prevention, early detection and preclinical and clinical studies on innovative therapeutic approaches. This program includes projects relating to the quality of life of patients with a significant risk of relapse.

Through this program, SIRIC plays the role of a catalyst at the institutional level by financing structuring actions for the development of projects. It encourages the sharing of scientific questions, technologies and data and brings together the emergence of scientific and medical communities around the question of relapse in different pathologies with complementary approaches. SIRIC patient representatives play a central role, participating in all governance bodies and in the co-construction and implementation of projects in direct collaboration with clinicians and researchers.

With this SIRIC, our ambition is to make significant progress in understanding relapse and thus contribute to the emergence of new therapeutic options for the benefit of patients.