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3rd SIRIC endorsement for Institut Curie

A recognition of the quality of the integrated scientific research project proposed by our researchers
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Following a call for applications, launched in April 2022, the Institut Curie's SIRIC program is one of 8 projects to be awarded the SIRIC label in 2022 by the French national cancer institute in partnership with INSERM and the DGOS.

Previous SIRIC labels have played a decisive role in the integration of scientific and clinical activities with a clear impact on patients (more information). For this new SIRIC, we want to amplify this impact.

A program addressing relapse at 3 levels


  1. Relapse at the cellular level:
    intrinsic mechanisms of relapse 
    coordinated by Céline Vallot and Yves Allory
  2. Relapse at the tissue level :
    extrinsic mechanisms of relapse
    coordinated by Hélène Salmon and Manuel Rodrigues 
  3. Relapse at the organism level: 
    detection and treatment of relapse 
    coordinated by Elisabetta Marangoni and François-Clément Bidard

Patients will play a central role in the overall process with the implementation of ambitious initiatives carried out by a group dedicated to health democracy, coordinated by Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet.

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